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Also see links on the Website Stuff and Get Images page.

Flipbook Maker
Simple animation. make and share your animations

ASCII Artist
Upload an image and convert it to ASCII art

ASCII Text Logo Generator
Type in text and convert it to different ascii-art signatures

Collage Machine
Make collages from images and shapes (use "print screen" to save your pictures).

Mr. Picasso Head
Make your own "picasso-like" portraits

Jackson Pollock Painter
Throw paint aroud like the famous abstract artist!

Portrait Illustration Maker
make an avatar portrait. Follow the directions at the site to save your images. Ignore the ads!

create an original snowflake

Escher Web Sketch
Create tessalations

Software toys. Kaleidoscopes and other cool things.

Architect Studio 3D online builder
Design a house, walk through it in 3D, and share it with the world. Learn about architecture and explore Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work.

From Cave Art to Your Art:
30,000 Years of New Media
Explore artist's use of different media
and create your own movie.

Home to the visual composer and the ASCII-o-Matic, which lets you upload a picture and convert it to ascii art.

Cool Text Logo Generator
(make sure you follow the directions carefully when you save your text!) Ignore the ads!

create original animated word buttons.
Also, links to other cool web tools.

Grafitti Creator
Make you own grafitti banners and text

Bling Generator
Create "bling" name art

Web of Letters
"ransom letter" words from images. Take a picture of the screen or save (right-click over images) letters you like. "Refresh" the browser to see variations.

Online drawing tool. Make orginal art or reproduce fine art portraits

The Scribbler
Kaliedoscope Maker and the
Snowflake Maker
are just some of the cool stuff at ZeFrank

Explore and Play. Kaleidoscope Painter and more cool art games, number stuff, web tutorials

Art Pad
Create a painting, watch it animated and send it on to a friend.

A Gallery of "Generative" Computer Art (code generated art) Create amazing original art.

Interactive Java Applets
Geometrical Animation Generators

Paul Schmidinger Java art and Applets
Some of these applets can be added to your pages.

How Stuff Works
Learn about 3D Graphics

* If you make a picture at one of these sites you want to keep but can't save it by selecting the picture, right-clicking and saving the picture to your computer, then use the "print screen" key to take a picture of it, open Paint, paste the picture and then crop, edit as you want. (Mac users: command-shift-3 will save your picture to the desktop).

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